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Sunday, March 15, 2015

MESTI BACA … Jurutera Jerman DEDAH BAHAYA Kereta Perodua Myvi dan Alza Yang Boleh MENGUNDANG MAUT !!! |

MESTI BACA … Jurutera Jerman DEDAH BAHAYA Kereta Perodua Myvi dan Alza Yang Boleh MENGUNDANG MAUT !!! | Baru-baru ni tersebar meluas di laman sosial tentang concern seorang jurutera dari Jerman yang bekerja di Malaysia tentang bahaya kereta popular di Malaysia.. Perodua Alza dan Perodua Myvi.. yang dikatakan boleh menyebabkan kemalangan dan akhirnya berakhir dengan kecederaan parah atau maut !!! .. Di bawah merupakan detail informasi yang ditulis oleh jurutera tersebut, Wolf Vaupel (KREDIT BUILDINGBRANDINGONLINE):

Dear Concerned Readers and all Perodua Alza & Myvi owners!

I wrote this blog-post about the fact that neither Perodua nor the Malaysian Road Safety Department, or the “AAM” or any of the “Malaysian Insurance Companies” have bothered to take any action against Perodua to make the Perodua Alza & Mivy cars safe according to international standards.
Perodua know about the deadly dashboard feature that they used to construct their product and has changed this deadly feature by the new Perodua AXIA back to international standard – the Perodua Axia car is safe in this matter!

It is a must to change the deadly dashboard feature for all Perodua Alza and Myvi cars which are on the road back to safe and according to international safety standards! 

Perodua Alza & Myvi – what is wrong with these cars?
Have you have ever realised that you were driving your Alza or Myvi during night times inside the city where the roads are lightened and without turning your head lights on? I am very sure you have!
A very dangerous and scary situation!
You are not responsible or too dumb to drive – for sure!
The cause of this problem was caused by the engineers from Perodua and the approval from the M;alaysian National Road Safety Department “MIROS” must have been “sleeping” on their job when they gave their approval to Perodua Alza and Myvi and endorsed the features on these cars as safe
This irresponsible endorsement is highly risky for yourself and your passengers! This in turn also poses danger to the public who are on the road!
Now I tell you why you have not been aware that you have driven during night time without turning your vehicle’s headlights on!
The international safety standards for all vehicle brands worldwide is as follow:
When you switch on the head lights, your dasboard light will be lighted up simultaneously. This means that when the dasboard light is on, you can be very sure your headlights are on and  you can drive safely!
This international safety standard is disregarded by Perodua Alza and Myvi!

When you enter your Perodua Alza or Myvi car and when you start your engine, the dashboard light will be lighted automatically – regardless whether this is done during day or night!

This deadly feature mislead you terribly and give you a wrong impression that you have already turned on your headlights when in actual fact, it is not turned on!
Imagine driving on roads where the light visibility is low, the driver cannot see clearly the surrounding especially when a pedestrian crosses the road right in front of the vehicle or the oncoming vehicle will not be able to see that the vehicle without lighted headlights is travelling down the same road and when the vehicle decides to make a turn It can hit this unlighted vehicle, causing very serious accidents and/or your death!
Therefore, you do not have any control and/or warning that you are driving without turning your vehicle’s headlights during night!
I have driven in my life for more than 3 Million km in arround 30 different car brands and/or car types and all cars was having the same safe international feature: Head lights on – dasboard light on.
My wife bought the Perodua Myvi in August 2014 to surprise me. When I first drove this Perodua Myvi, I was in shock as I have discoverd this deadly feature!
Maybe you think you can learn overcome this deadly feature by using it the right way? 
Very wrong – all it takes is only one time when you forget to turn on your headlights during the night, it can be the end of your life – no joke!
I noticed that every time when I drive home to Puchong Kinrara from Bukit Bintang at night time, between 1 to 5 Perodua cars would be driving without head lights on.
To make matters worse, most of these vehicles are black in colour and this lowers down the visibility of other drivers towards these vehicles – this is really a very scary combination!
It would be a nightmare for me and my wife to be involved in an accident with such “ghost car” without headlights.
To make it very clear, none of those responsible bodies/authorities in this country is interested to make the roads safer, to reduce the accident rates or to save lives as a result of “dumb” and irresponsible car makers.
“The Star” and “The Sun” newspaper take care of their own interests to make daily advertising for Perodua. This is more important than to write actual and life saving reports and  facts.
They have not replied to my queries in my report to them and also is not interested to inform the public!
The “AAM” is unable to inform their newsletter readers – the answer from them is very interesting and shows the mind-set of the AAM management!
The Perodua management, the Malaysian Institute of Road safety and many other institutions and most of the car  insurance companies dare not respond to my request to make the road safer!
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