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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Akhbar Beijing Tibai Kerajaan Malaysia Mengenai Pesawat MH 370 .. Dan Kerajaan Cina Mahu Ambil Alih Pencarian Pesawat


中国宣布即日起全盘接手调查马航班机失联工作 !马航只负责家属吃住就好,不会做事的滚一边去!

【中国全盘接手此事】中国政府有关部门今天中午13:26在丽都饭店举行第一场发布会,包括民航空中安全局、外交部领事副 司长、交通部搜救值班室副主任在内的官方人士表示:中国现在全盘接手此事,马航以后...See More
Beijing is at last unbearable shot! China announces investigation now take over Malaysia Airlines flight lost work!

Families of the Malaysia Airlines is responsible only for eating and living well, won't do roll over and take it! "The Chinese take over this matter," relevant departments of the Chinese Government held a first briefing at noon today at 13:26 in Lido, including air security agency, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of communications official, search-and-rescue duty room Deputy Director said China now take over this matter, Malaysia Airlines is responsible for the families of the lost flight after only eating and living problems.

The Chinese Government has been organizing the rescue has been in negotiations. Malaysia Airlines aircraft had been lost for nearly 40 hours, Prime Minister Li keqiang is heartbreaking. The afternoon of 9th, he joined the Jiangxi delegation's discussion, came in the room earlier, also to the relevant authorities informed of the latest progress of search and rescue. He said in a subsequent statement, we are trying to carry out search-and-rescue, the party and the Government not only to safeguard domestic life and property security of citizens, citizens wants to be out of the country's strong backing. (Translated by Bing)
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