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Friday, August 14, 2015

Tangkap Nangis : Di dunia mungkin saya boleh lari, akhirat?

WORDS  expressed by a man who worked as a handyman cut grass when it is accidentally smashed a car so touching.

Owners of vehicles that continue to rage with the incident that led to whomever find his car broken mirror.

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But he later speechless with grass cutter recognition of ethnic Rohingya, who are willing to pay the cost of replacing the windshield even his boss ready to do so.

"He said if I do, let me a replacement. If I run now is not necessarily in the next I can run. Allahurabbi," the owners share Facebook account, Mizi Lalang.

According Mizi, what touches the feelings, the man also told about his country's turbulent but at the same time he reminded about the afterlife and death.

Add Mizi again, this story also cautioned not to approach trivial to other people who outwardly seem nothing but honest to provision and may have a high religious knowledge.

The review found that social media the average netizen praise the honesty shown man.

"Honestly MasyaALLAH him," wrote Abdullah Zawawi Abdul Hamid

"Not only cheap sustenance. We pray for peace and prosperity of their country and they can live well in their own countries. Amin," wrote Man Ghazali also Rais
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