A  hunter of Nazi gold, claimed that he had found treasures the Nazis in the Second World War era estimated to be worth £ 350 million.
Museum curator, Bartlomiej Plebanczyk believed he had found the cellar of a previously unknown person, after he searched the complex and tunnels Nazi camp.
Treasure known as a 'Amber' was 300 years old, located at Catherine Palace, near St. Petersburg, disappeared more than 70 years ago with some witnesses claiming they've seen 'treasure' was being loaded onto ships Germany.
Meanwhile, Plebanczyk claimed invention is a treasure that has been touted as the 8th Wonder of the World.
In the meantime, local media quoted Plebanczyk currently seeking permission to dig deeper into the cellar, to enable it to enter video camera to review the situation.
"I will try to use radar, to allow me to rummage over again.
"I need to drill a cellar and will try lowering the video there.
"However, I have to wait for the approval of the local historical preservation officer," he was quoted Express.co.uk